Passports and travel documents

Passports and travel documents

Services for the Yemeni citizens like passport validity extension, certification of official documents (Apostille) and other services.

All documents (including academic qualifications) presented to the Yemen Embassy’s Consulate Section for Legalisation must first be certified by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other relevant local authority.
Documents from Yemen will need to be endorsed by the Yemen Ministry of Foreign Affairs before legalisation by the Yemen Embassy in Warsaw.

Power of Attorney and similar legally binding documents should be original and signed in the presence of a Notary Public prior to the legalisation.


up to 8 years 57 euro 92 euro 127 euro
9 - 18 years 87 euro 147 euro 197 euro
above 18 years 117 euro 207 euro 287 euro
students 42 euro 77 euro 102 euro

In addition to the above, the applicant should:

  1. Send a fee of 30 PLN to the Embassy (fee covering the costs of sending the passport to Frankfurt and sending the new passport to the applicant (via Polish Post Office)
  2. In case of expedited shipping - make a transfer of 55 euro euro to the account of the Consulate in Frankfurt (for DHL shipping)


  1. Yemeni citizens residing in Polnad should also attach a copy of their Polish ID (dowód osobisty) or residence permit (karta pobytu)
  2. Further information can be found here.


Travel documents

Travel document is a temporary document allowing Yemeni citizen to travel to his home country, issued in following cases:

  1. lost or damaged passport
  2. children of Yemeni citizens born abroad who do not possess any documents
  3. in exceptional cases: deportation or when issuing documents for children or spouse of Yemeni citizens is not possible according to the regulations and rules.

Issuing travel document requires:

  1. providing a color photograph
  2. providing a birth certificate
  3. providing damaged passport of police report certifying the passport was stolen
  4. filling the application form for a new passport
  5. paying a fee of 10 USD (according to the regulation of the Ministry of Interior - this does not pertain to persons being deported)
  6. if the person applying for travel document does not possess any documents confirming his/her identity, he/she should present his/her father's passport or contact family in Yemen in order to have a new document issued by a Yemeni court
  7. contacting the Office for Identity and Citizenship in order to acquire travel document.

Documents for newborn children of Yemeni citizens. 

Father of the child should submit an application for a document to be issued and attach the following:

  1. copies of passports of both parents
  2. marriage certificate
  3. copy of child's birth certificate stamped by the Embassy of Consulate of Yemen in the country of the child's birth
  4. two photographs of the child

In case the mother of the child is not a Yemeni citizen, following documents should be submitted with the application:

  1. copies of passports of both parents
  2. copy of child's birth certificate stamped by the Embassy of Consulate of Yemen in the country of the child's birth
  3. marriage certificate certified by relevant authorities
  4. filled application for issuing a travel document with photo of the child
  5. confirmation of fee payment

The document should be picked in person or by authorized representative.

The Embassy is issuing the document within 24 hours from receiving all necessary documents and fulfilling all requirements.