Student Section

All Yemeni students are exempt from legalization fees for apostille of diplomas, certificates, university transcripts and similar documents.

ِFor your convenience please make sure to make an appointment before coming to the Embassy. 

ministry of Higher Education

Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship Students

This section is dedicated to the students who received scholarships from the Yemeni Ministry of Higher Education based on bilateral educational agreement between the governments of the Republic of Yemen and the Republic of Poland. It is members only (login and password are required).

To login please click here (section available in Arabic only).


All other students

This section is dedicated for all students except for the students who received scholarships from the Yemeni Ministry of Higher Education. In this section you will find information about opportunities for Yemeni students in Poland as well as success stories of Yemeni students academic achievements.



Students Success Stories

This section is dedicated to academic achievements of Yemeni students pursuing their careers at various Polish universities.