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shibam about yemen
Yemen has several names in history books, it is in ancient geographers the “Arabia Felix” it also mentions in the Old Testament “Torah” as South Queen and (Teymana Queen) and it was named as Yemen to (Ayman bin Yaerawb bin Qahtan ).
In the Arabian tradition, Yemen’s name is derived from prosperity or happiness which consistent with the old name of Yemen, “Arabia Felix.”
Others said that Yemen name, because it is located to the right of the Kaaba (Makka) from the right side, which sometimes indicated to Good omen, some people from Yemen are still use the word of Sham which means the North and Yemen which means the South, and Yemen is called nowadays the Republic of Yemen.

About Yemen

Republic of Yemen is an Arabian country located at the south of Arabian Peninsula in the south west of Asia. It is borders by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the North, the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean to the south, the Sultanate of Oman to the east and the Read Sea to the west.



Tourism in Yemen

Yemen is home to four UNESCO zero class heritage sites, inluding the Shebam and Old City in Sana'a. It offers has multiple opportunities for active tourism including trekking and hiking, diving, horse riding. Diverse cuisine and variety of regional specialties will satisfy every taste.



Business in Yemen

Industry represents one of the main components of the national economy and contributes to about (10-15)% of the GDP, excluding oil industries. Food industries are ranked first and then the construction industry, including: cement, and tobacco products and metal.